Milena Sutter, 13 years old, disappears in Genoa (North Italy) on Thursday 6 May 1971, after leaving the Swiss School she was attending.

His lifeless body was found two weeks later – Thursday 20 May – off the beach of Priaruggia, in the east of Genoa.

The only person suspected and investigated, at least officially, is Lorenzo Bozano, 25 years old.

Journalists called him the “blonde man with the red sport car”. He is neither blond nor skinny.

Acquitted in 1973, in the first instance, Bozano was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1975, in the appeal process.

This magazine is dedicated to the case of Milena Sutter and to the case of Lorenzo Bozano.

This magazine is the result of a university research – expressed here in informative form – on the subject of crime, justice and the media.

The criminologist Laura Baccaro and Maurizio Corte, journalist and media analyst, wrote the book (in Italian) Il Biondino della Spider Rossa on the case. Crime, justice and the media.

The research is conducted by the cultural association ProsMedia, under the scientific coordination of Maurizio Corte, within the Intercultural Studies Center of the University of Verona.

Abducted Girl - Unsolved Murders - Italian Book - The Affaire Sutter-Bozano - Italy

The book about the criminal case

Investigative Journalism and Mass media analysis. There is a book, in Italian language, which investigates the case of Milena Sutter and Lorenzo Bozano. The title of the book is“Il Biondino della Spider Rossa. Crimine, giustizia e media”, Cacucci editore,  Bari, 2018. You can translate it in English “The Blond with the Red Sports Car. Crime, justice and the media”. The

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Cold Cases - The Perfect Culprit - The Affaire Sutter-Bozano - Genova - Italy - 1971

Italy, 1971: the vanished girl and the (alleged) culprit

The cold case of a strange kidnapping. And a lot of mistery. There’s a story that you need to know. If you are interested in criminal cases. Or if you think that reality sometimes exceeds a novelist’s fantasy. What story? This one. North Italy, 1971, May 6th. The alleged kidnapping of a girl shakes Genoa and Italy in 1971. It

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Crime Stories - Milena Sutter - Lorenzo Bozano - The child and the monster - Criminal Case - Italy - Genova 1971 - Corte&Media Agency - photo Sandra Seitmaa

Crime stories, the mystery of the girl Milena Sutter (13 y.o.)

On May 1971 the alleged kidnapping and murder of a young girl takes place in Genoa (Italy). 50 years later many questions are unanswered. Milena Sutter is a typical 13 year old girl, daughter of a well-known wax business owner. It’s 5 pm on Thursday afternoon and she is leaving the Swiss School on Peschiera Street, in Genoa. This is

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Milena Sutter vanished in Genoa - Italy - in 1971, May 6th. Her body was found into the sea 15 days later

Milena Sutter’s disappearance on May 6th

Milena Sutter’s kidnapping and murder. The girl vanished in Genoa (Italy) in 1971. I bet that a lot of us – except for those who keep a personal journal – don’t remember what we did last month or last week, even yesterday, maybe. The 6th May 1971, for example, was, for a lot of people, an ordinary day in the

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Milena Sutter - magazine Il Biondino della Spider Rossa - ProsMedia - Agenzia Corte&Media

Milena and Lorenzo, “the child” and “the monster”

Milena Sutter and Lorenzo Bozano’s criminal case: two lives and a story built by the media. The main characters of the story we are dealing with are Milena Sutter and Lorenzo Bozano. As in all stories, there is the antagonist as well who is here embodied in the media. The interest in the judicial case has the newspapers led to

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Lorenzo Bozano was charged with the kidnapping and murder of Milena Sutter, a 13 years old girl who vanished from the Swiss School of Genoa in May 1971

The “Monster”: who is the Perfect Culprit

Milena Sutter’s kidnapping and murder. Genoa (Italy), 1971, May 6th. The story that I ‘m going to tell you it’s about a young man, born in Genoa (Italy), in 1945, whose name is Lorenzo Bozano. He is twenty-five years old when his life completely changes because of a dreadful event. Lorenzo was charged with the kidnapping of Milena Sutter, a

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