Milena Sutter, 13 years old, disappears in Genoa (North Italy) on Thursday 6 May 1971, after leaving the Swiss School she was attending.

His lifeless body was found two weeks later – Thursday 20 May – off the beach of Priaruggia, in the east of Genoa.

The only person suspected and investigated, at least officially, is Lorenzo Bozano, 25 years old.

Journalists called him the “blonde man with the red sport car”. He is neither blond nor skinny.

Acquitted in 1973, in the first instance, Bozano was sentenced to life imprisonment in 1975, in the appeal process.

This magazine is dedicated to the case of Milena Sutter and to the case of Lorenzo Bozano.

This magazine is the result of a university research – expressed here in informative form – on the subject of crime, justice and the media.

The criminologist Laura Baccaro and Maurizio Corte, journalist and media analyst, wrote the book (in Italian) Il Biondino della Spider Rossa on the case. Crime, justice and the media.

The research is conducted by the cultural association ProsMedia, under the scientific coordination of Maurizio Corte, within the Intercultural Studies Center of the University of Verona.