The cold case of a strange kidnapping. And a lot of mistery.

There’s a story that you need to know. If you are interested in criminal cases.

Or if you think that reality sometimes exceeds a novelist’s fantasy.

What story? This one. North Italy, 1971, May 6th.

The alleged kidnapping of a girl shakes Genoa and Italy in 1971.

It is the case of Milena Sutter, 13 years old: according to the official version, Milena is kidnapped in Genoa shortly after 17 hours on Thursday 6 May.

At that time she left the Swiss School where she attended the eighth grade.

The father of the girl, Arturo, is a rich and well known industrial wax.

The girl’s body – a healthy, strong and sporty young woman who looks like three years older than her age – is found into the sea two weeks later, on Thursday 20 May, around 5 pm.

The legal doctors of the Legal Medicine Institute, professors Aldo Franchini and Giorgio Chiozza, date the death at 18-18.30 on the day of the disappearance.

They attribute the cause of death to choking and probable suffocation.

The expertise is challenged, then as now, by authoritative scholars, as stated in the Italian book “Il Biondino della Spider Rossa. Crime, justice and the media”. Agency - Verona - Italy

Milena Sutter’s kidnapping: the only suspect is Lorenzo Bozano

Since the disappearance of Milena the only suspect is Lorenzo Bozano, 25 years old.

He is of a upper-class family. With the deception he would have convinced Milena Sutter, who would have been in a hurry to go home, to get into his red sports car.

Bozano is arrested for the first time in the night between Saturday and Sunday, May 9, 1971.

It is hoped that he will lead to the place where the girl is a prisoner. After few days he is released.

The young man is finally arrested on the evening of the discovery of the body of Milena, May 20, 1971.

From the beginning he is called “il Biondino della Spider Rossa” (the Blond man of the Red Sports Car). He is not blond nor skinny.

You can see his sports car (and Alfa Romeo “spider”) in the photo above. An old shabby car indeed.

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Bozano is acquitted, at the end of the trial of the first degree, by the Court of Assizes of Genoa, in May of 1973, due to insufficient evidence.

He is and immediately released.

Instead he is convicted on appeal in June 1975: Bozano is found guilty of the kidnapping for the purpose of extortion, of the murder and the suppression of Milena’s corpse.

The sentence is confirmed in 1976 by the Supreme national Court.

Before the appeal process comes alive, Bozano takes refuge in France, then moves to Africa and finally returns to France.

Here he is arrested in 1979 and months later taken to Switzerland.

Extradited to Italy, he is today serving a life sentence in Porto Azzurro, on the Island of Elba (in Tuscany).

Lorenzo Bozano obtaines the day release in 1994, but he looses it in 1997.

In June 1997, in Livorno, he searches, pretending to be a policeman, a 17-year-old girl who is with of her young brother.

Bozano justifies his gesture by claiming to have heard from some boys that the young woman was in possession of drugs.

The search is instead considered by the judges as sexual harassment. He is convicted and looses again his freedom.

Since 2004 Bozano has received a 45-day permit award per year.

Since June 2017 he has been volunteering half a day on Elba Island, outside the prison, on weekdays.

In February 2019 he obtained the day release again to serve as a volunteer in an association.

So far he has served over 42 years in prison.

Lorenzo Bozano was charged with the kidnapping and murder of Milena Sutter, a 13 years old girl who vanished from the Swiss School of Genoa in May 1971

Lorenzo Bozano: “I am innocent”

Lorenzo Bozano continues to profess to be innocent and unrelated to the (alleged) kidnapping and (alleged) murder of Milena Sutter.

He has distanced himself from his youthful behavior.

In the book “Il Biondino della Spider Rossa”, Lorenzo Bozano expresses his official apologies to the family of Milena Sutter for some behaviors held during the investigation and during the judicial process (in 1973).