Authors and researchers of ProsMedia, the cultural association from Verona which does media analysis and research about communication and collaborates with the University of Verona.

Maurizio Corte - journalist - writer - media analyst - Magazine The Perfect Culprit - Corte&Media Agency -MAURIZIO CORTE
Adjunct Professor of Intercultural Journalism and Multimedia at the University of Verona in the magisterial course of Publishing and Journalism.
He is a professor and member of the scientific committee of the Master in “Intercultural Competence and Management” of the Intercultural Studies Center of the University of Verona.
Professional journalist and writer, he deals with media analysis and the relationship between crime, justice and the media. He is a consultant for Brand Journalism and Strategic Communication. He is the editorial coordinator and editor of the editorial content of this website, drafted by the Corte & Media agency.

She is a contract professor in some Italian universities where she teaches Criminology and Criminal Psychology. He directs the “Journal of criminal psychodynamics”.
Legal psychologist and criminologist, she deals with criminological sciences, stalking, gender violence and the treatment of offenders. He studied clinical and community psychology. She specializes in Criminology, with a master’s degree in legal psychology, Forensic Psychopathology and Deviance and social security policies, civil and family mediation. She is the author of articles and scientific essays.

In 2016 she took a degree in foreign languages and cultures at the University of Salerno, disputing my graduation thesis about the German Kriminalroman.
In 2019 she took a postgraduate degree in Press and Journalism at the University of Verona.
During these academic years, she got involved in the Science of Narrative Arts. She did some research on storytelling practices applied to business information, communication and mass media. 

She studied and worked in tourism, foreign languages and writing fields. Now, she is about to graduate in Publishing and Journalism, a master degree where she studies media and communication. She believes in the power of journalism as a mean of search for the truth.
She is interested in books and foreign languages. She has dealt with translating, copywriting and freelance writing about university and culture. She has studied storytelling techniques applied to journalism and media. 

Researcher and media educator, master’s degree in Publishing and Journalism. She specialized in La Sapienza University on Taltac2, software for automatic lexical and textual treatment and for the analysis of media content.
His research area is mainly focused on the topic of femicides and crime news. She is didactic tutor and responsible for digital communication of the Master in “Intercultural Competence and Management” of the Center for Intercultural Studies of the University of Verona and has been research fellow of the same university for some years.

Graduated in Intercultural Journalism and Communication Sciences, she has been collaborating since 2009 with the Master in “Intercultural competence and management” of the Intercultural Studies Center of the Verona University.
He has carried out research in the field of intercultural journalism.
Journalist and press officer, she deals with media relations, event organization and radio journalism. He manages the blog of ProsMedia, an intercultural media analysis group for which he carries out research in the field of communication and digital media (and not).