Genoa and Italy in the Seventies: culture, music, cinema, society, economy, politics and lifestyle.

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Life in Italy in the early ’70s

The complex historical-cultural setting in Italy where the Sutter-Bozano case took place. Are you interested in deepening the social context around the events you learn from newspapers? Sometimes it’s important to carry out research into time and place to better understand the reasons behind some facts. You need to know the exact places and the atmosphere at the time of

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Genoa (Italy), the city where the Affaire Sutter-Bozano happened in 1971. A Cold Case - Il Biondino - Corte&Media Agency Verona

Genoa, the city of the 1971 criminal case

Genoa (Italy), the city where everything happened in 1971. When we read a novel, a story, a fairy-tale or any other kind of text we just enter inside a new world. Every good writer is a bricklayer who builds a story using time, place, descriptions, and details, as if they were his tools. Even when we read an article, we

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