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Milena Sutter vanished in Genoa - Italy - in 1971, May 6th. Her body was found into the sea 15 days later

Milena Sutter’s disappearance on May 6th

Milena Sutter’s kidnapping and murder. The girl vanished in Genoa (Italy) in 1971. I bet that a lot of us – except for those who keep a personal journal – don’t remember what we did last month or last week, even yesterday, maybe. The 6th May 1971, for example, was, for a lot of people, an ordinary day in the

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Milena Sutter, the nightmare comes true

Milena Sutter’s criminal case. Her body found by two fishermen. What had happened? On May 20, 1971 two friends decided to go fishing in Priaruggia, district of Genoa (Italy). They took to the open sea as the sun went down; the afternoon was quiet and warm. The silence was interrupted only by the peaceful noise of the sea. The two

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