Investigative Psychology and Criminal Profiling.

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Evidences for the prosecution of Lorenzo Bozano

Every murderer has his motive, every motive hides a secret. What’s the secret behind Lorenzo Bozano’s prosecution? Building a criminal case means reconstructing the history of events, which have affected the affair. The chain of events is put together by the collection of evidences against the alleged culprit. Why do you need evidences to understand a criminal case? Because behind

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Cold Case independent investigation

The unsolved murders attract the attention of public opinion. Can we consider the case of Milena Sutter as a “Cold Case”? The fact that not the whole truth has been told allows us to consider it still a cold track case. One wonders why the “cold houses” – the “cold run” cases – always occupy the front pages of newspapers.

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Milena Sutter - The Vanished Girl - 1971 - The Sutter-Bozano Affaire - The Perfect Culprit - Crime, Justice, Media

The phone calls by the kidnapper

Milena Sutter vanished in May 6th, 1971, in Genoa (Italy). Was it really a kidnapping? As we already know, on May 6, 1971, Milena Sutter’s disappearance caused shock. Immediately, the first thought was kidnapping and not a voluntary escape. There was a suspect and several doubts about motive, but the first evidence came up on the morning of May 7:

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