Crime, Justice and the Media. How newspapers, magazines, weblogs, Tv and radio, movies, Tv series and book represent the crime and the justice

Milena Sutter - magazine Il Biondino della Spider Rossa - ProsMedia - Agenzia Corte&Media

Milena and Lorenzo, “the child” and “the monster”

Milena Sutter and Lorenzo Bozano’s criminal case: two lives and a story built by the media. The main characters of the story we are dealing with are Milena Sutter and Lorenzo Bozano. As in all stories, there is the antagonist as well who is here embodied in the media. The interest in the judicial case has the newspapers led to

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Criminal case and the journalistic language

The power of words: a few simple rules of writing for journalism. The use of correct journalistic language to introduce news is a topic as current as thorny. We know that most of the public opinion that bump into an article, stops at reading only the title to create their own critical judgment. It is right to build your own

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