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There is a book, in Italian language, which investigates the case of Milena Sutter and Lorenzo Bozano.

The title of the book is“Il Biondino della Spider Rossa. Crimine, giustizia e media”, Cacucci editore,  Bari, 2018.

You can translate it in English “The Blond with the Red Sports Car. Crime, justice and the media”.

The authors are Maurizio Corte and Laura Baccaro.

Maurizio Corte is a professional journalist and a media analyst. He teaches Intercultural Journalism at the University of Verona.

Laura Baccaro is a psychologist and criminologist. She teaches Criminology and Legal Psychology in some Italian universities.

In this book you can read:

  • a deep analysis of the criminal case,
  • the analysis of the forensic expert report about Milena Sutter’s death,
  • a Lorenzo Bozano’s criminal profile,
  • a research about the role of the media in telling the case.

You can also find an exclusive interview to Milena’s best friend, Isabelle, who has never called to testify at the trials.

“We will publish a new book on that case”, says Maurizio Corte. “And there will be an English version of the news book”. 

You can find the Italian book on the Amazon website.

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